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Stillo Yachts

Welcome to Stillo Yachts motor boats page. Stillo Yachts is a shipyard from Poland that specializes in producing cabin cruisers and outboard boats. Currently, there are 2 models in production, with sizes ranging from 8 to 10 meters.

About the shipyard Stillo Yachts

We welcome you to discover all the current models offered by Stillo Yachts and reach out to us for sales and pricing details.

The Stillo Yachts brand was established through the collaboration of two experienced companies in the sailing and motorboat industry, along with Arca Yacht, a company with over twenty years of experience in manufacturing and chartering on the Great Masurian Lakes. With a wealth of combined experience, Stillo has created a yacht project that serves as an ideal alternative for motor boaters and sailors seeking a more convenient and cost-effective form of relaxation.

The passion of the founder of Stillo Yachts led him to boatbuilding school, where he acquired theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In his professional career, he continued his education alongside the most renowned Masurian boatbuilders. He has been constructing yachts since the mid-1990s. The expertise gained from numerous regattas, inland and offshore sailing, is applied daily in his work - in the development and enhancement of modern designs. Many of his 'first' boats are still encountered on the Mazurian waters to this day. This undoubtedly reflects their quality and precision in craftsmanship. A passion for sailing, years of professional experience, and successful collaborations with major charter companies on the Great Masurian Lakes Route inspired him to establish the boatbuilding company ARCA STILLO YACHTS. The company he manages is well-regarded for its service quality, attributed in part to partnerships with professional boatbuilding firms, equipment suppliers, and service providers. His work is his passion, approaching each project with dedication, reliability, and a personalized touch, striving to ensure client satisfaction with the outcomes.

Stillo Yachts boats and yachts available for sale

The Stillo 30 yacht offers a unique proposition for all water sports enthusiasts in the segment of yachts up to 30 feet in length, providing all the amenities of the Premium class. A diverse range of configuration and personalization options for equipment ensures that even the most discerning customers' expectations are met. Operating a yacht does not require a motorboat license. The Stillo 30 is an elegant, efficient yacht that also doubles as a comfortable houseboat. Stillo has embarked on a new chapter in the company's 'power motorboats' with the STILLO 8.0 DC family day cruiser boat, offering comprehensive solutions for premium motorboats.

Stillo 8.0 DC8.118Open cabin cruiser
Stillo 30
9.1 m
Recreational trawler boat

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