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Green Dream Boats

Green Dream Boats is a rapidly expanding shipyard situated in southern Poland near Częstochowa. The shipyard specializes in crafting cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solar boats and catamarans. The models manufactured include the successful Solliner 21 solar boat (catamaran), Meva solar boat and a brand new Solliner 31.

The manufacturer of Solliner 21

Green Dream Boats is a rapidly growing shipyard in Poland. The passion of founders for modern technologies, interest in eco-friendly solutions for the marina market, and love for yachts led to the establishment of this innovative venture. Drawing on their expertise in engineering, design, and renewable energy, they have successfully created environmentally friendly vessels with exceptional design. These Green Dream Boats – Solliner 21 and Meva are now sailing on lakes, seas, and oceans worldwide, captivating onlookers with their unique and luxurious styling, as well as impressing with their advanced technological features. One of their most renowned creations, the very fist boat named Tesla-21, was initially designed by Bartosz Puchowski, an engineer with a keen interest in new technologies and a champion at the 2014 World Solar Boat Racing Championships. Through collaboration with the founders, this product seamlessly combines the key elements of a solar boat racing vessel, such as a specialized hull shape and efficient energy management, with the comforts and ease of handling expected from a leisure boat.

Solar boats with cutting-edge technologies

The inspiration for this product stemmed from the aspiration to create a boat that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability. The goal was to design a vessel that is user-friendly, allowing anyone to operate it, and capable of navigating various water bodies, including the serene zones of national parks and nature reserves. This vision materialized into the creation of the Tesla-21, a boat equipped with two energy sources. It features a Marinist gel battery with substantial capacity and photovoltaic panels that can generate up to 1,000 watts of energy. The Tesla-21 is powered by a 2kW electric motor (also available in a 4kW variant), ensuring silent and emission-free cruising at a speed of 10km/h, enabling virtually limitless exploration. This boat can operate even on cloudy days and continue cruising for up to 8 hours after sunset. For customers who enjoy nighttime outings, there is a specialized LED cockpit light that is energy-efficient. Additionally, each Tesla-21 comes with an electrically retractable canopy, allowing for easy adjustment while sailing under low bridges and secure closure during transport or at the marina.

Comparison of Solliner and Meva solar boat

ModelLengthPower sourcesTypeMotor
Meva6.5 mSolar and batteriesBowrider3-6 kW
Solliner 216.2 mSolar and batteriesOpen deck3-6 kW
Solliner 319.8 mBatteries, supported by solar panels + generatorCabin40-100kW
Solliner 31 Open9.8 mBatteries, supported by solar panels + generatorOpen deck40-100kW

Top quality guaranteed

The marine industry is just starting to recognize the benefits of utilizing electric motors. Green Dream Boats is a company at the forefront of this movement, continuously expanding its presence in this sector and setting the pace for future competition. With plans to establish a larger shipyard capable of producing 250-300 vessels annually, the company is also growing its workforce, creating a demand for skilled professionals across various fields, particularly as the design and R&D department experiences rapid expansion. The distinct Polish identity of Green Dream Boats' products is highlighted at every stage, often leading to them being mistaken for Italian craftsmanship—a distinction the owners proudly embrace, instilling in customers the belief that products made in Poland guarantee top-quality. Green Dream Boats exemplifies how bold dreams can thrive in a traditional market, successfully integrating unique design with an eco-friendly, solar-powered electric propulsion system. This achievement can be likened to the creation of a solar perpetual motion machine. The company is now gearing up to introduce a new eco-friendly floating home design to the market, showcasing the transformative power of realizing a simple dream in driving industry innovation.

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Green Dream Boats models Solliner 21 and Meva are fully configurable and available on our site since 2023.

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