Are you looking for a reliable and quality boat / yacht to buy? Skip the middlemen traders and get it directly from the manufacturers – with Velamic, it has never been easier!

Buy boats that comes from manufacturers, not dealers. velamic.com makes direct sourcing easy by combining technology and a service approach.

For many manufacturers, working with wholesaler distributors was traditionally the only way to get their products in front of customers. Times changed, the distribution business model is evolving, and manufacturers are increasingly skipping wholesalers and selling products directly.

It’s a good choice to buy directly from a manufacturer on our marketplace.

The pricing will be better* (depending on the target market, some wholesale restriction may apply on selected markets), it will be easier to get warranty replacements, lead times will be more reliable, and you can be more confident that you’re getting what you ordered.

It is the cost-effective and convenient way to buy boats today, through a platform an European marketplace of all existing models of motor yachts, power boats, solar boats and sailing yachts. Our web service helps you search, choose, compare and buy boats. Although we are a brand new marine marketplace in Europe, our goal is to provide better standards and seamless buying experience for a modern, internet-centric customers.

We partner with European shipyards and trusted yacht sellers in the region. We also provide European crafts in other regions (USA, Canada, Australia) through our valued partners.

Velamic focuses on European crafts with a strong devotion to smaller shipyards and manufacturers, especially, but not exclusively from CEE region.


Search, choose, compare and buy boats

Whether you are trying to find a boat or yacht of your dreams – we can help you.

While you are in the selection process, your broker will be available to you at all times, helping you find the right questions to ask to make sure that the yacht you buy is right for you.


Do you plan to use your yacht exclusively privately or would you like to charter it? Our vast network of partners can help you and provide information about investments, yacht financing, charters and insurance specific to the market of your choice. That way we will help you with any related legal issues.

European craftsmanship and quality

Sailing, motor yachts, power boats and solar boats offered by European and Central-East European shipyards


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