Solliner 31 Cabin - 9.80m Motor yacht

Solliner 31 Solar Catamaran from Green Dream Boat is a 9.75 meter boat with accommodation for 4 people (overnight) and 10 people for day cruising. It has a draft of 0.6m. The boat has an fiberglass hull with a CE certification class (C) and can navigate along the coastline and on lakes. Solliner 31 Cabin version is coming in mid 2024.
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Solliner 31 Cabin Specification

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Motor yacht
Class CE
9.8 m
32 ft
3.5 m
0.6 m
Hull material
Fiberglass / GRP
2x10 kW, 2x50 kW+ generator
Fuel tank
2x20 kWh – 2x100 kWh
8 kn
Speed max
17 kn
Water tank
Black water
SOLLINER 31 CABIN is a 10 meter motor catamaran, designed for navigation in waters with variable weather, wind force up to 6 on the Beaufort scale and significant wave height up to 2 meters which classifies it as a category C vessel.The aim was to provide excellent conditions for sailing during the day for 10 people and accommodation for 4 people. This ship has been constructed to ensure maximum comfort during your voyage; it is fitted with three cabins--one double and two single--as well as a restroom.

High-Quality Materials for Durable, Comfortably Appointed Catamaran

The fuselage and entire structure of the catamaran will be constructed from polyester-glass laminates for increased durability and strength. Fittings and other equipment will be crafted from top-grade stainless steel or aluminium and bolstered with wood. The flooring will be laid with a sturdy and low-maintenance synthetic FLEXITEEK material. The interior and seats will be appointed with carefully chosen materials, not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also to ensure comfort and convenience for users.

Sailing in Luxury: Aboard a Catamaran

The main deck of the catamaran has a galley equipped with a kitchenette for meal preparation, as well as a living and dining area for the crew to relax and dine. Furthermore, the bow section provides a separate spot for sunbathing, while the roof is installed with photovoltaic panels. The floats of the catamaran are fitted with three cabins - one double and two single - and a bathroom containing a shower, sink, and toilet, for the convenience and privacy of its passengers.
The main deck is equipped with an outdoor galley featuring an optional canopy and seating for the crew. The middle of the ship is where the helm provides control of the catamaran and access to the cabins. The seats on the deck have been ergonomically designed to ensure both safety and comfort while underway as well as during rest. Additionally, the wide space on the boat and its storage compartments for non-permanent equipment, plus amenities such as cup holders, a large table and an easy-access drawer fridge offer plenty of comfort and convenience while on board.

Modern Luxury: Styling a Vessel with Sophisticated Finesse

The modern style is reflected in the design of all furniture and interior styling. Solid wood or plywood is used to make the furniture and wall panels, adding an air of sophistication with fabric finishes. Teak plywood and/or carpeting are employed on the floors of cabins and corridors, and teak grilles in the bathrooms, to create a distinction and long-lasting beauty. For privacy and optimal UV protection, the windows of the cabins come furnished with blinds. An aluminum honeycomb panel framework is used for the ceilings, providing lightweight construction and a neat look while paying homage to the vessel's modern style, functionality, and comfort.

Create a Unique Catamaran: Colour Options Limitless!

Choosing the colour of your catamaran's hull and other elements is only limited by your imagination! We have the ability to bring your vision to life - no matter what the colour combination - and make your catamaran one of a kind! Personalisation options are endless, making YOUR catamaran exclusive to you!

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