Solliner 21 - 6.20m Motor boat

Solliner 21 is a truly solar boat. This electrical catamaran is powered by the sun’s energy from 4 solar panels that fully offset energy consumption of the boat. Ideal for an idyllic day out with your loved ones or professional associates, this eco-friendly boat boasts an innovative and sleek design, constructed with top-quality materials, and equipped with the latest green technologies. With no harmful emissions and hassle-free maintenance, operating this watercraft is cost-effective and straightforward. Book and configure your Solliner 21 boat online today!

Solliner 21 Specification

54 400 €
Motor boat
Class CE
6.2 m
20 ft
2.2 m
0.5 m
Hull material
Fiberglass / GRP
3 / 4 / 6kW
Fuel tank
2 x 210 Ah
1 t
Max load
1 t
Water tank
Black water

About solar boat Solliner 21

Solliner 21 is a well-crafted 21-foot solar boat from Green Dream Boats, a shipyard from Poland. The boat conveniently seats up to eight individuals, with guests enjoying ample space to unwind on the U-shaped sofa, or on the sun deck, without any engine noises or inhaling polluted air. The cockpit on this boat includes two sizable built-in coolers for supplies, and a table in the middle, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment.

Solliner 21 is not just freedom from power sources. Just go on board and catch the helm. Driving is very intuitive and in many countries does not require special permits. One person can drive a yacht, and the full 360° view not only ease the navigation, but also allows you to admire everything around you no matter the weather.

Solliner 21 - Environmentally friendly boats

The Solliner 21 boats effortlessly glide through the water with tranquility, ease, and swiftness reaching speeds of up to 12 km/h. They emit no harmful fumes, only the invigorating scent of nature. These boats operate with top-of-the-line marine electric engines fueled by four high-quality AGM batteries, each boasting a capacity of 210-Ah. These advanced batteries offer exceptional longevity at maximum power, providing a 3X longer life span than other models. Thanks to the boats’ state-of-the-art 1120-W solar panels, they can essentially travel indefinitely as they are continually powered on their journeys.

A true solar boat

The Bimini hardtop of Solliner 21 is equipped with four solar panels, each with a potency of 285-W, enabling the boat to navigate without requiring any external energy source. On bright sunny days, the boat can rely on 100% sun energy for operations. On gloomier days, two marine-rated, state-of-the-art AGM 210-Ah batteries can last up to 10 hours without the need for a recharge.

Solar-powered boat Solliner 21 presents a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for inland boating in Europe. By utilizing solar panels to capture energy from the sun, these vessels reduce the need for fossil fuels, resulting in decreased carbon emissions and a cleaner atmosphere.

In addition to being eco-conscious, solar-powered boats offer a serene and noise-free boating experience compared to traditional engine-powered boats. Furthermore, these boats play a role in preserving the natural beauty of rivers, canals, and lakes by minimizing water and air pollution. Embracing solar technology in inland boating can enhance the overall sustainability and enjoyment for boaters and the environment alike.

Solliner 21 - standard equipment

The standard equipment of this solar boat includes a powerful 3-kW engine with the necessary batteries and charger for smooth operation. It also features an electric engine lift system for convenience, an electric horn for safety, and a striking blue metallic iridescent hull color for style. Additionally, the boat is equipped with extra LED lighting in the cockpit, engine compartment, and between the hull in the front for enhanced visibility.

For entertainment, there is a marine-grade radio with Bluetooth connectivity and two waterproof speakers onboard. Safety measures include a folding radar reflector and two fishing pole holders. A folding stainless steel swim ladder makes it easy to access the water, while a boat cover protects the vessel when not in use.

Other notable features include a forward LED reflector for added visibility, an extra table for the fishing rod holder, and overall, this boat is well-equipped for a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience.

Extra equipment of the boat

The extra equipment options for this boat are extensive and customizable to suit your preferences. Starting with hull color choices in GELCOAT, you can opt for White, White and grey hull, White hulls, black deck and roof, or Black for a sleek look. Upgrading to an Electric Engine 4kW or 6kW includes the total cost of proper installation and an additional battery bank with electric drive. You can also add an extra battery system for the 4kW engine and 6kW engine, choose between manual or electric lifting systems for the engine, and install stainless steel retractable cleats on the deck for added convenience.

Other optional features include a horn for safety, additional LED lights for enhanced visibility, a lifebuoy holder, anti-cavitation plate, anti-fouling algae paint, stem fenders, and boat fenders in different colors. For comfort and style, you can select decorative cushions, cockpit options like Teak table, Teak decking, Flexiteak decking, Synthetic teak decking, or PVC Vinyl decking. A laminated foldable table in the cockpit provides versatility, while a sundeck with a foldable deck mattress offers three positions for relaxation.

Enhance the aesthetics with high-quality upholstery from SERGE FERRARI, choose from different colored leather steering wheels, add a bed inside the cockpit, install a sundeck railing, and include a toilet for convenience. Stay connected with a lighter socket/USB socket for recharging devices while on board. These additional equipment options allow you to tailor your boat to your specific needs and preferences for a truly personalized boating experience.

Other equipment and amenities options

The extra equipment options for this boat offer a range of features to enhance your boating experience. Starting with electronics on board, you can choose from waterproof Bluetooth radios like the FUSION RA55 BT radio with 2x120W speakers or the FUSION RA205 with 4x200W speakers for quality sound on the water. For navigation and sonar capabilities, consider adding the Raymarine i40 Sonar (Depth Gauge) or the Raymarine AXIOM 7 multifunction navigation system with built-in RealVision 3D™ for advanced navigation assistance. Safety features include a foldable radar reflector for increased visibility.

In addition to electronics, other optional equipment includes fishing rod handles, a foldable 4-step ladder made of inox, LED stairs lighting, an economic FULLHD camera with IR, WDR, and IP66 rating, and suspended sacks in the compartments for storage. You can also opt for a boat cover, curtains, a Marina Docking set with a lifebuoy, a telescopic boat hook, and a searchlight with LED reflector for added safety.

Further customization options include an additional cup holder for the helmsman, a grid with pockets for a lifebuoy in front of the catamaran, an extra table in place of fishing rod holders, an analog watch with a choice of white or black face, and an external thermometer with a choice of white or black face. For transportation and convenience, you can add a trailer with 13'' wheels, a 1500 DMC (professional) trailer, or a specialized trolley for the catamaran. These extra equipment options allow you to tailor your boat to your specific needs and preferences for a more enjoyable and functional boating experience.

About the manufacturer of Solliner 21

Green Dream Boats, a rapidly expanding shipyard based in Poland, was founded by individuals driven by a passion for modern technologies, a commitment to eco-friendly solutions in the marina industry, and a deep love for yachts. Leveraging their expertise in engineering, design, and renewable energy, they have successfully crafted environmentally conscious vessels with exceptional aesthetics.

The Green Dream Boats - Solliner 21 and Meva - are now navigating waters worldwide, captivating spectators with their distinctive and luxurious designs, while also showcasing their cutting-edge technological capabilities. Among their notable creations is the groundbreaking Tesla-21, conceived by Bartosz Puchowski, an engineer renowned for his dedication to new technologies and victory at the 2014 World Solar Boat Racing Championships. Through collaboration with the founders, this innovative product seamlessly merges the essential features of a solar boat racing craft, including a specialized hull design and efficient energy management, with the comfort and ease of operation expected from a leisure boat.

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