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Zodiac is a producer of outboard boats and rigid inflatable boats, also known as ribs. Currently, there are 29 models being manufactured, with sizes ranging from 3 to 9 meters. We encourage you to browse our selection of both new and old models from Zodiac and reach out to us for any sales or pricing inquiries.
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Zodiac boats

Zodiac Nautic is the dominant force in the inflatable boats and ribs market, with production facilities located in France, USA, and Tunisia. Throughout its extensive history, the shipyard has successfully sold over one million boats. With 73 active patents, Zodiac is dedicated to continual investment and advancement in their research departments. Zodiac boats are highly regarded for their exceptional buoyancy, even when carrying heavy loads. They are uniquely designed with a low center of gravity, a deep V-shaped hull, and additional stabilization. Before reaching the hands of their owners, all boats go through a series of rigorous tests in extreme environments.

Zodiac RIB models

Zodiac offers a variety of RIB boats ideal for active water recreation. The N-Zo and Medline lines are perfect for day excursions, featuring compact packaging and a spacious aft saloon, as well as ample areas for sunbathing on the bow. These RIBs are ideal for those seeking a laid-back water experience with friends, complete with music, light snacks, and opportunities for swimming and sunbathing. The PRO and Open series of RIBs are specifically designed for water enthusiasts, whether it be for fishing, diving, underwater hunting, water skiing, or other maritime hobbies.

These boats are both safe and easy to navigate, making them the ideal choice for any water activity. The Zodiac range also includes the Classic and Futura series of inflatable boats. The Classic offers unbeatable maneuverability, reliability, and ease of transportation, making it the perfect starter boat for any sailor. With over 70 years of history, the Classic is a source of pride for Zodiac. Meanwhile, the Futura boats boast a well-balanced hull that allows for high speeds and comfortable gliding, even under heavy loads.

Selected Zodiac Medline models

Model nameLengthWidthBoat type
Zodiac MEDLINE 6606.6 m2.5 mCenter console boat, RIB
Zodiac MEDLINE 7407.3 m2.9 mCenter console boat, RIB
Zodiac Medline 5005.0 m2.2 mRIB
Zodiac Medline 6.86.9 m2.5 mRIB

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Zodiac brand history

Founded in 1896, the French company Zodiac celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2021. Originally focused on air-related products such as balloons for the military, Zodiac's expertise in aircraft technology and materials eventually became useful in the production of inflatable boats. In the 1930s, Zodiac engineer Pierre Debroutelle created a prototype kayak with inflatable sides, paving the way for modern zodiacs. Initially utilized by law enforcement agencies for tasks such as cargo transportation and military landings in shallow water, inflatable boats gained popularity in the leisure yachting market in the 1960s when Zodiac began to sell their products to the general public.

By the 1970s, Zodiac had become synonymous with RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) and was further popularized by the trend of marine activities and the endorsement of famed oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who used Zodiac boats in his research and films. Zodiac's growth can be attributed to two significant acquisitions. In 1980, they acquired the French brand Bombard and their rescue technology and professional range of Commando inflatable boats. In 1998, they acquired Avon Marine, a British manufacturer of high-end tenders and RIBs. Despite these purchases, both Bombard and Avon Marine have maintained their distinct identities within the larger Zodiac Nautic group.

In 2021 the company launched its electric range of models.


Are the inflatable boats secure enough?

Zodiac boats are equipped with multiple sections of buoyancy tubes, each divided by waterproof partitions. With a significant amount of air storage, the boat maintains its floating capabilities and remains nearly impossible to sink, even when fully loaded with a deflated section.

Are the Zodiac boats stable on water?

Zodiac boats have a low center of gravity and buoyancy evenly distributed on the sides, making them highly resistant to capsizing even when carrying a load.

How the parts of the Zodiac boats a welded together?

Zodiac nautic created an innovative industrial technique for constructing their buoyancy tubes: thermobonding. Through thermobonding, the different components of Strongan material are fused together, creating a resilient and waterproof material that is virtually indestructible. This sets Zodiac nautic apart from other manufacturers, as they are the sole experts in welding all structural materials used in inflatable boats. As a result, their boats are known for their exceptional durability and safety.

Can the tubes be replaced?

Present on the majority of our models, our tubes are designed with a bolt rope that inserts into a groove on the hull. Inflation ensures a secure seal. The tube is completely detachable, allowing for convenient disassembly and folding, perfect for maintenance, repairs, transportation, and storage. Need to replace the tube? It's a breeze - they can be substituted separately from the hull, making it an economical option for renovating or updating the appearance of your boat

What's sea-worthy of Zodiac boats?

The rigid-hulled inflatable boasts a one-of-a-kind blend of features, including an extremely low center of gravity, a deep-v hull, and enhanced tube stabilization, resulting in top-of-the-line speed and the ability to cover long distances at sea without sacrificing comfort or safety.