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As one of the leading luxury sailboat manufacturers globally, Dufour was founded over 50 years ago on the Atlantic Coast. It holds a significant position in the region and serves as a major employer in La Rochelle. Boasting a production capacity exceeding 18,000 m² and a workforce of 420 full-time employees, Dufour stands as one of the largest shipyards worldwide.

Explore Dufour sailing yachts

For over 50 years, Dufour yachts have been known for their fast, enjoyable sailing and elegant design. Beyond their polished appearance lies a yacht that is both stable and comfortable, making it an ideal companion for any sailing adventure. Throughout the history of this renowned brand, Dufour yachts have always stood out with their distinctive looks.

While design elements have evolved over time, certain features like the hard chines and narrow waterline beam in the Umberto Felci era remain unmistakable, paired with an elegant bowsprit. The interior of Dufour yachts is equally exceptional – bright, spacious, and thoughtfully designed. The focus is on clean, minimalistic joinery rather than unnecessary details, ensuring a balance of simplicity and quality. Comfort and choice are key considerations in the configuration of these unique vessels.

Yachts made in France

All Dufour Yachts models are 100% made in France, from conception to production in La Rochelle at the company headquarters. With nearly 400 sailboats built each year, Dufour Yachts oversees the entire supply chain, from project development to shipping, including assembly and woodworking.

Umberto Felci, the renowned Italian naval architect, collaborates closely with the designers at Dufour Yachts to ensure the highest quality hulls.

Dufour history

In 1957, a young engineer named Michel Dufour came across the innovative material, polyester. As an avid competition sailor deeply interested in yachts, class regulations, and hydrodynamics, he was inspired to create a yacht using polyester. By 1964, Michel Dufour began designing the 'Sylphe' transportable yacht. Despite facing financial challenges, he rented a hangar and initiated the production of the 'Sylphe' under his newly established company, Le Stratifié Industriel.