Vulcan JP 47 - 14.50m Motor yacht

Experience luxury with a yacht that embodies temperament. A perfect balance of power, comfort, speed, and security. Set the tone of your journey with your own style choices and never settle for less than you desire. Vulcan is a motor yacht of the finest calibre. The powerful engine and stylish build come together to guarantee an unforgettable experience. The interior is marked by a contemporary vibe, with furniture, fabrics and energy-saving lighting that exude a classic air of sophistication. At the same time, the racing stepped hull with surface drive gives you the best of speed, stability and sea-keeping.

Vulcan JP 47 Specification

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Motor yacht
Class CE
14.5 m
48 ft
4.2 m
0.8 m
4 m
Hull material
Fiberglass / GRP
shaft drive 2x570 HP
Fuel tank
2 l
35 kn
Speed max
40 kn
Water tank
330 l
Black water
110 l

Convenience and functionality

When boarding your Vulcan, you will be welcomed by a sense of comfort, easy handling, and limitless possibilities. The inside fittings are adjustable electrically, enabling you to adjust the interior to your specifications and build pathways accessible to all. Moreover, thanks to the low platform at the stern, everyone can conveniently come aboard or descend into the waterbody with ease.


This drive system is composed of two 570 HP engines, which are connected by a gearbox and cardan shaft, capable of doing up/down movements of ±7 degrees as well as left/right movements of ±20 degrees. The speed of the boat is subject to sea conditions and the weight of the load, varying between 40-45kn, dependent on the power pack and displacement. For maneuverability, an additional side thruster is equipped as well as an electrically operated anchor hatch with a winch, able to hold 19 meters of chain and 70 meters of rope, all of it managed by the board management system.

Safety systems

The Bilge system is equipped with three highly efficient pumps, two hand pumps and a board management system, operating in a combination of automatic and manually forced systems. The Seafire fire protection system has temperature sensors to shut off the power to the engines, fans, and fuel valves on tanks and is also equipped with two fire extinguishers, one in the engine room and the other in the cabin. The C-pod system is an alarm system for remote notifications, via a telephone application, that can alert of a vessel's location, voltage drop, breach of security loops, access to the boat, or activation of water sensors. The CO detection system has two independent sensors, one in the engine room and one in the technical room, with an alarm. Additionally, there is a four-channel remote control, that provides access to power supply, window closing, and ambient lighting, along with programmed switching sequences. Finally, the vessel is outfitted with webcams with motion capture, recording, temperature measurement, and programmable surveillance areas.


The creation of a fast yacht, with maximum speed and the highest quality materials, presented contradictory objectives for the design work. To address such opposites, the project team consulted with experts and used computational fluid dynamics simulations to settle on a combination of stepped hulls and surface propulsion. This would set the yacht apart from the competition, and an additional advantage was the implementation of a state-of-the-art, connected board management system operated through signal networks and EmpirBus modules.

Reduction of fuel consumption

The new Vulcan yacht utilizes advanced and modern solutions to create a positive environmental impact through reduced fuel consumption. This effect is achieved through a combination of three features: a highly efficient hull which reduces hydro-dynamic drag by 15% when compared to classic hull lines, the implementation of submerged surface-piercing propellers which reduce resistance in operation, and the use of propellers with maximum efficiency of up to 71%. Utilizing all three of these solutions creates a fuel reduction of up to 20% when compared to similar units.

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