Golden Slide Hybrid 626 - 6.70m Motor boat

The Golden Slide Hybrid 626 powerboat has been manufactured by Golden Slide shipyard in Poland. This 6.7 meter powerboat has a draft of only 0.2 m and a fiberglass/grp hull with a CE certification class (C). It can acommodate up to 8 people. This is a great boat with a sporty flair, ideal for both family outings and all kinds of water fun.

Golden Slide Hybrid 626 Specification

18 150 €
Motor boat
Class CE
6.7 m
22 ft
2.5 m
0.2 m
Hull material
Fiberglass / GRP
250 HP (max engine power)
Fuel tank
40 kn
0.9 t
Water tank
Black water
The Golden Slide Hybrid 626 is a modern boat designed for ultimate comfort and performance. With a sleek design and advanced technology, this boat offers a premium experience on the water.
This is a great boat with a sporty flair, ideal for both family outings and all kinds of water fun. The Hybrid 626 is a large, comfortable vessel with a large sun deck at the bow and stern. A huge advantage is its construction. The perfectly designed hull allows the boat to glide right from the start.The boat has a spacious interior with a comfortable seating arrangement and high quality materials. The cabin can accommodate up to six people and is equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning and an entertainment system. The Golden Slide Hybrid 626 is equipped with a powerful engine. The boat also offers a variety of safety and navigation features, including a GPS system, radar and autopilot. These features ensure a smooth ride and make the boat suitable for all kinds of adventures on the water. With the 'HYBRID 626', you can explore the water in style and comfort. Whether you are going on a day trip or planning a longer voyage, this boat has everything you need to enjoy your time on the water.
Maximum engine power [HP]: 250

GoldenSlide Hybrid 626 Standard Equipment

The GoldenSlide Hybrid 626 is a well-equipped boat designed for the ultimate boating experience. As you step aboard this luxurious vessel, you will notice some of its advanced features that make it stand out from the rest. One of the most striking features is the windshield made of graphite plexiglass. This material not only adds to the sleek and modern design of the boat, but it also provides excellent visibility and durability for all weather conditions. The boat also comes equipped with a sturdy steering gearbox and a 16FT steering rod for smooth and precise maneuvering. The anchor roller, located at the front of the boat, allows for easy and secure anchoring.

For convenience, the boat has a front anchor compartment with a water drain to prevent water from accumulating. The stainless steel bow basket is perfect for storing smaller items, while the 4 cleats provide a secure attachment point for ropes and other equipment. Safety is a top priority on the GoldenSlide Hybrid 626, and this is reflected in the side deck railings. These railings provide added stability and security while moving around the boat.

The sliding cabin doors, made with plexiglass and a lock, not only provide easy access to the cabin but also add an elegant touch to the boat's design. The cabin itself can accommodate up to three people, making it perfect for overnight trips. The mattresses in the cabin are made of comfortable fabric, and there are four available. For additional seating and relaxation options, the cockpit features seven eco-leather mattresses. These durable and stylish cushions make the cockpit a comfortable place to lounge and enjoy the view.

Other features of the GoldenSlide Hybrid 626 include a gray plastic fender strip with a white rubber insert and a stainless steel ending, all designed to protect the boat while docking. The hull also comes with stickers, adding a touch of customization to the boat's appearance. Finally, the boat is equipped with a LUX model captain's chair with an adjustable leg, ensuring the captain's comfort during long trips. And for added convenience, there is a one-piece cockpit locker and stainless steel cockpit drains with check valves to prevent water from entering the boat.

The GoldenSlide Hybrid 626 comes with all the necessary equipment for a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable boating experience. Whether it's a day out on the water or a longer voyage, this boat has everything you need for a successful and memorable trip.

GoldenSlide Hybrid 626 Optional Equipment List

Bimini sunshade
Convertible top with frame
Kodura top cover
Cover for the steering console
Port cover attached with snaps
Colored hull or hull stripe
Steering console in a color other than white
Change of the entire hull color
Windshield railing
Pasting the sides in the cabin with material.
Filling in the cabin (starboard board + 2 cushions).
Additional LUX model chair with adjustable leg
Surcharge for non-standard chair [pcs.].
Surcharge for upholstery with Silvertex or Diamante material.
Surcharge for double helmsman bench (instead of a chair).
External or internal table.
Fuel line with tank.
Electrical installation.
Freshwater installation.
Chemical toilet.
Hydraulic steering
Bilge pump
Stern ears 2 pcs.
Swim platform
Stainless steel tow mast.
Bumpers [pcs.]
Bumper baskets [pcs.].
Flexiteek flooring
Hertz audio equipment in any configuration (radio + amplifier + RGB illuminated speakers + subwoofer)
Rockford audio equipment in any configuration (radio + amplifier + RGB illuminated speakers + Bluetooth RGB controller + subwoofer)
Raymarine fishfinder (with bathymetry maps)
Smart TV
Additional USB cigarette lighter socket
Dometic 20l compressor refrigerator

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